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Preteen Ass

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2002 20:48:08 -0500From: Kyla Townend Subject: Dreams Of Love - Chapter 3Here it is, Chapter 3. Sorry about the delay everyone, school caught up tome. :)Well, enjoy! And remember to send me any feedback you may have.Chapter 3 -- Just 1 KissI ran home only to find that Robbie, Jason, and Mark were already waitingfor me. I cursed as I walked by, only to receive whistles at what I waswearing. I couldn't help but chuckle."Come on guys, let's go," I suggested as I walked into the apartment, thethree boys following close behind.Once we got up to my house, I let the guys into my room, where they startedunhooking my stereo and "readying it" for transport to Mark's house--wherethe "grad party" would be. I, on the other hand, started pulling clothesout of my closet, including a blue thong out of my drawer.Jason saw the thong and said, "Who are you dressing up, or down fortonight?"My face must have turned 4 shades darker red than it had been. I gave himthe finger. There was no way I was Preteen Ass going to admit that I was wearing thethong in the hopes that, some way, Catherine would see it. I was startingto get worried about the sudden rush of emotions I was feeling.I made my way into the washroom. I wiped the thought out of my mind as Iwiped my face with a wet cloth--removing most of the makeup I had beenwearing. I quickly reconsidered my decision. I grabbed my makeup bag andstarted reapplying thicker mascara, new eyeliner, some light eye shadow,and a light, almost gloss-like lipstick.Although it may have seemed like I was dressing up by all the makeup I wasputting on, I changed my clothes. I put on a pair of stonewashed low-ridinghip-huggers, hoping someone would get a glimpse of my new thong. I alsochanged my bra to a light blue, almost transparent, lacy one that lookedsomewhat like the thong. I reconsidered again, but decided to keep thebra. I pulled on a tight, white tank top, and made my way back to my room.The guys were ready to go. After discarding the clothes I had changed outof into my laundry basket, I grabbed a sweater to put over (so I didn'tlook like that much of a slut). As I was closing my drawer, I felt someonepinch my ass. I turned and gave the guys a look that was as cold as ice,but then changed it into a look of intrigue and stated, "Come on boys,we've got a long night ahead of us."We left my house Preteen Ass and started our journey. It was only a five to ten minutewalk from my house to Mark's. We made it there, set up the stereo in hisbasement, and wasted time watching TV and listening to music.At about Preteen Ass 8pm, the four of us made our way to the school to meet Jesse whohad collected money from all of the grads who wanted anything for the night(anything being liquor specifically). We seated ourselves at the hill abovethe schoolyard and waited as Mark rollerbladed to the front of the schoolto meet him. After about 10 minutes, Mark reappeared to our relief.We made our way to the store as quickly as we could--the liquor store wouldbe closing at 9pm. We went right past the whole mall, even the liquorstore, until we reached the tanning salon.We made our way up the stairs to the second level to meet Daniel. Danielwas Hispanic, about 5'7, and pretty built for a 15-year-old. He was at thetanning salon visiting his sister, Sarah. Sarah and her boyfriend would bethe ones getting our liquor.I greeted Daniel with a hug, as I usually do. I gave Preteen Ass him the cash--almost$150--and told him exactly what we needed. He wrote it on a piece of paperand made his way to the back office to see his sister. Mark, Robbie, Jasonand I waited patiently in the waiting room.Sarah, accompanied by two large males, walked up to us and read the sheetin her hand, "24 Orange Vex, 24 Raspberry, 24 Lemon, and 12 SmirnoffIce--is that right?"I nodded compliantly as I gave her the once-over. She had a pretty nicebody, nicely accented by her tanned skin. She had tight curves, maybe aB-cup, pushing a C, with an ass almost irresistible to grab."Ok, you guys wait here, we'll be back in about 10 minutes, alright?" shesmiled.I nodded once more, "Thanks so much for doing this for us,"She smiled back once more, and at that, they left--and we waited.About fifteen minutes later, the three kind souls returned with three largecardboard boxes--unsealed--that contained our individual packages ofliquor. It was highly obvious that they contained liquor, which created aproblem for the four of us who had to transport them since we were allunderage to drink.We thanked them once more, and tried to divide the carryingresponsibilities as evenly as possible. Luckily, me being the only girl, Iwas left to only carry the 12-pack of Smirnoff. Daniel carried four6-packs, Jason, and Robbie each carried three 6-packs, whereas Mark, on hisrollerblades, supported two 6-packs.Roman, the owner of the salon, directed us towards the back exit. It spatus out in an alley that lead down Preteen Ass to a forested area by a creek. All livingin the premises, we knew the police did a regular sweep of this area, so weran, as fast as we could, while still making sure the liquor was alright,to a spot we had designated in the forest.We made it no problem.Once we were in the bushes for about 10-15 minutes, we started hearingvoices along the pathway that ran alongside the creek. Although the pathwaywas on the opposite side of the creek of us, if we made too much noise, wecould easily be heard.We sat completely still for close to 5 minutes, and then realized thevoices were not leaving--they were stationary on the bridge Preteen Ass that ran acrossthe creek, and almost right next to where we were.Mark and Jason had to run back to the school and then to Mark's Preteen Ass house tofinish setting up. We realized that waiting any longer would just befoolish, so they slyly made their way out and back through the alleyway,making as little noise as possible.Robbie, Daniel and I were left alone with the $150 worth of liquor (not tomention the fact that Daniel had almost $300 worth of weed down hisboxers), with no idea what was going on. We remained stagnant for anotherhalf-hour or so, and then decided to take our chances.I snuck out of the bush to the alleyway where a bunch of milk-crates weresitting. I grabbed three and brought them back to the spot. We placed thepackages into the crates, and placed the cardboard boxes over them in orderto cover up what was in the crates.We exited the bushes only to see a police cruiser at the end of thealleyway. "Fuck," muttered Robbie."Shh." I snapped as I slid in behind a large truck and started making myway down to the other end of the alley. The two boys followed. I could feelshots of pain moving up and down my arms--this load was significantlyheavier than the original one.To my relief, a group of guys with familiar faces started running down thealley towards us to our aid. The guys were more than happy to relieve me ofmy carrying responsibilities. My arms felt like they had new extensions asJesse lifted the crate with ease from them.Making sure to overly-complain about my arms, I hopped onto Mark's back (hewas no longer on his rollerblades)."I thought your arms were hurting, not your legs," He poked. I playfullyhit his shoulder."Please," I whimpered into his ear.He sighed then gave me a piggyback-ride the rest of the way back to hishouse. (Hehehe, it's good being a girl)Once we got back, graduates were starting to arrive, as were we, only to bedisappointed. Mark's grandparents were supposed to have left for thenight--but much to our surprise, and dismay, they hadn't. Mark's dadintercepted us before we entered the house and told us the news. We werenear devastation. Nonetheless, we started moving the liquor from the cratesinto backpacks.Once we were done, we decided to just grab the packs and start walking. Wedecided to head back to the creek area where there was an opening--it wouldbe a good enough spot since it was well concealed. So we started ourwalk. (Being 14-15-16-17, it was a rarity to have a friend who actuallydrove, so we walked everywhere)I was walking beside Catherine who was now dressed down into normalclothes: a pair of jeans, a black baby-tee, and a jacket. Suddenly I feltsomeone grip me from behind by my hips, and I turned to see (and meet) forthe first time, Damien.Damien was about an inch taller than me, dark-skinned, slendershaped--didn't seem like he held much muscle, but enough to fill the rightspots. Already it seemed he had taken a liking to me, and he was quite the"touchy-feely" type. I shrugged him off."Excuse me? Who do you think you are?" I retorted as I turned to face him."I'm yours," he replied as he Preteen Ass scrolled his hands up and down my sides. Ofcourse many people were witnessing this display since we had just halted inthe middle of a walking crowd.I grabbed his hands and twisted his wrists, and made a motion of my legtowards his crotch. "Now, I've got you in a very compromising position, sowhat are you going to do?"Catherine was enjoying this. It actually was quite funny to see the look ofsurprise and horror Preteen Ass on Damien's face. Catherine chuckled a bit. I loved herlaugh."A'ight, I see how it is," Damien stated as he backed off.Catherine and I walked on, both laughing about what had just happened.We reached the spot. It was perfect. The creek and forested area covered usfrom the alley where the police patrolled, but there were several"escape-routes" from the spot we were in (just in case the police diddecide to break up our little celebration).It was a downhill slope towards the actual creek, and it created somewhatof a bowl-- optimal to sit in/on. So we sat, and commenced our drinking.After about an hour, Cat and me decided that we were really hungry, and so,knowing that Damien was my pawn, I decided to ask him for some money."Damien," I said in my sweetest voice as I approached him. His eyes lit upat my tone. "Do you want to give me and Cat some money to get food?"As I said this, I walked right up to him and hugged him loosely around theneck, pressing my forehead against his, looking straight in hiseyes. "Please," I pleaded, pursing my lips to create somewhat of a patheticlook (hey, I was quite drunk at this point).He paused as if to think, "Alright...but what are you gonna do for me?" Hegave me a devilish grin, as he looked me up and down slowly. It took all mydrunken numbness to stop me from slapping him right then."What do you want?" I asked, as I raised an eyebrow, just to please him.He broke the hug, "Catherine, come here!" I was completely puzzled.She scampered over, a completely innocent look on her face, "What's up?" Iwanted her right then and there.Damien looked at Catherine, and then at me. He did this several timesbefore he spoke, and I was starting to get an idea of what he wanted."You're both, really sexy girls, you know that?" He licked his lips. "Youtwo want money from ME?" We nodded. "You gotta earn it,"A smile crept over his face and soon stretched from cheek to cheek."So...what do you want then?" Catherine asked curiously.He turned Preteen Ass to me, "I want you, and her--" he said, pointing at Catherine. Iknew it. "To kiss."Catherine looked completely shocked at this request. I was somewhatflattered by the fact that I was right, and also that if Catherine agreed,I would soon be lip-locked with her-- something I had only dreamed of.Catherine looked at me, nervousness in her eyes. It seemed like she waslooking to see what my reaction was (which I thought would completely giveme away). I gave a firm look, almost signaling her to accept the request,but not making myself too obvious.Her eyes lit up, and she seemed almost relieved--remember, we were bothdrunk."Ok," she spoke, after a long, strange stretch of silence. "We'll do it."A shot of nervousness and joy shot through my body, and it only thickenedwhen I saw the look of shock and a childish smile of excitement creep overDamien. He looked at me as if to verify what he had just heard."Yeah, we'll do it--no big deal." I confirmed.His voice almost cracked as he said, "I wanna see some tongue too, it'sgotta be worth my money.""Is there any other way?" I joked. Catherine just smiled. Damn that smile."Ok, here's the deal," Catherine intervened. "5 bucks for 30 seconds,alright?"Damien simply nodded his head frantically in amazement.Catherine and me turned to face each other, both of us looking deeply intothe other's eyes. I could see the nervousness, and slight excitement shewas trying to hide. I could read her like a book.I made the first advance, she responding by moving inwards. Our lipstouched gently, softly, sweetly--I wanted to hold on to this moment for therest of my life. The kiss then started to get more heated as I slid mytongue between her lips, openly, for Damien to see. Her tongue touched upagainst mine, and we both soon became completely engulfed in the passion ofthe moment.I soon felt Catherine's hands on my hips, pulling me inwards, pulling medeeper into the kiss. I replied by placing my hands on her shoulders,working them down her sides, eventually reaching the small of her back,toying with the idea of grabbing her ass, but instead I rested them on herhips.The Preteen Ass kiss went on forever, and I suddenly became very aware that we had farsurpassed the 30-second mark. I started to pull out a bit, and it seemedalmost as if Catherine was disappointed that I did so. She seemed to yearnfor more.The kiss lightened, and soon tongues were no longer involved, it was justlight pecking-- the closing of a beautiful blend of emotions, and saliva.We let go of each other and backed away, I opened my eyes and immediatelymet hers, looking for a sign of what she was thinking. She seemed quitepleased at what had just taken Preteen Ass place. This wildly excited me. Then Irealized that Damien was still standing at our side.I turned my head to see him, standing wide-eyed, jaw dropped to its fullextent. I was almost close to tears from my level of laughter at thesight. Catherine chimed in with her laughter; she was pleased with hisreaction too."I think that deserves ten dollars," I broke through the laughter."Yeah, definitely." Catherine agreed with a smile.Still completely shocked, Damien did not speak, but simply reached into hiswallet and Preteen Ass pulled out a ten-dollar bill. I took it from his hands."Thank you sweetie," I whispered in his ear and gave him a kiss on thecheek."Let us know if we can do anything else for you." Catherine chuckled andkissed him on the opposite cheek.At that point, we just walked off, leaving Damien in his stupor. We laughedthe whole way to the Hasty Market convenience store (that was at the plaza)about what had just happened, and agreed that if we got hungry later, wewould definitely have to do a repeat- performance.After the kiss, I was completely open and ready to go much further. Iwanted something more. The kiss had been my first intimate moment since Ihad broke up with my boyfriend a month earlier. I wanted more.But more thananything, I wanted a repeat performance--with an encore. --That's it, Chapter 3. Hope you're all still with me. :)Remember to send any feedback to
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